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Officials' open lie!! or school shootting within the gates

Ok. First I get an emergency email form my school telling me that due to na accident in Xavier (is one of the campus dorms) everybody should report to their respective domrs and stay there.
School is on lockdown.
Someone has been shot....yes my school is in Newark. Yet the school community is gated!!! Thus, common occurances of such sort do occur. However, never on campus.
Well tonight it changes.
Thus, of course I make a few phone calls, a few txts, and a few ims, and find out that yes: somebody was shot as my friends have seen one person being taken away on a stretcher and another person being walked away by the police in cuffs. -notice 2 different people!!.
Yet this is an official explanation I am getting from my emergency school responce system: 

Announcement: Xavier Hall Incident

Issuing Office: Office of Student Affairs

02/11/2008 09:41 PM

At approximately 8:23 this evening, a non-student, young male shot himself and then came to Xavier Hall seemingly in search of a friend who is a SHU student.

As a result of the self-inflicted gun shot injury, the male has been transported to the hospital for treatment. Additionally, since the weapon has not yet been found, the campus is in a lockdown status until further notice.

No student or any other person was injured. The South Orange Police and members of the Essex County Prosecutor's Office are on the campus investigating the incident.
An update will be posted as soon as information is available, but no later than 10:30 pm.

News, channel 5, upon reporting states the official version. However, they also mention that "studnets have been calling saying they have seen 2 different people" not one person.

I'm waiting for update. However, What is this ridiculousness!!! A case of an apparent shady story with cover up report!! That is not right. They should not give any version, if the only one they can share is a not a true one.

Of course as of right now. I am giving an absolute benefit of the doubt to my Seton Hall University. However, this is ridiculous!


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